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Fonjo Foundation Uganda Limited is a Non-Governmental Organization incorporated by Uganda Registration Services Bureau. The head office of the organization is located in Mukono Municipality and is recognized by Mukono Municipal Council Authorities.

The organization is looking forward to causing positive impact in the local communities through working with the target groups like the youths and women who are a core of the community and are able to communicate ideas on issues that affect them and the environment and can also come up with innovative ideas that contribute to the development of their communities.

The organization is also committed to writing and using literature, audio recordings, dramatizations and documentaries to sensitize local communities on pertinent issues regarding health, gender based violence and child abuse, environmental degradation and climate change and so on.

Mr. Bonny Onyango Founder/Chairperson

The founder of this organization Mr. Bonny Onyango has an experience spanning 30 years of serving different communities in Uganda and helping individuals to better their lives by becoming useful, honest and law abiding citizens.

Front right-standing together with an exited group 20 years ago.

Front right-standing together with an exited group 20 years ago.

serving the community as a young man 30 years ago

serving the community as a young man 30 years ago

He has participated in writing, translating and distributing publications that have positively affected people’s lives in Uganda. His personal company called Bonamix Translation Services Limited is the only Translation Company in Uganda that volunteered to translate a Story Book for children on COVID-19 entitled My Hero Is You which was developed by the Inter-Agency Standing Committee Reference Group on Mental Health and Psychological Support in Emergency Settings (IASC MHPSS RG).The company translated this Story Book in SIX different Ugandan Languages which together with other languages around the world can be downloaded from this website for the benefit of young ones and their caregivers.

In his efforts to sensitize communities, Mr. Onyango has also spearheaded the writing of a book entitled What Lessons Can We Learn From the COVID-19 Lockdown.

This book features many topics that are beneficial to the local communities like

  1. The Importance of Washing Hands;
  2. Having a Good Relationship With Your Spouse;
  3. Taking Care of the Elderly;
  4. Taking Care of Ourselves; Eating Nutritious Foods; Protecting People in the Community; Showing Concern to the Needy and many others that can be used to sensitize the general public.

He has also written a book featuring modern methods of piggery farming which can be so helpful in reducing poverty to many Ugandans in the rural areas. Yes, it is on this background that FONJO FOUNDATION was given birth and committed to sensitizing the local communities.

Since the inception of Fonjo Foundation, we have embarked on writing and distributing publications to address issues of Domestic Violence and Teenage Sex and Pregnancy. These publications are going to be made available in several Ugandan Languages and can be downloaded directly from our website.


Fonjo Foundation is especially targeting the following groups:

  1. Youths between 12-30 years
  2. Women
  3. Victims of domestic violence
  4. Vulnerable households affected by teenage pregnancies, HIV and water bone diseases.


  1. To Contribute To Enhanced And Sustainable Livelihood Among Vulnerable Communities Through Promotion Of Inclusive Social, Cultural And Economic Empowerment Programs.
  2.  To Promote Good Health And Wellbeing Among Communities And Reduce Health And Social Inequalities.
  3. To Create Awareness, Mindset Change And Fight Against Any Forms Of Violence, Abuse, Exploitation Towards Women And Children As Well As Gender Discrimination.
  4. To Empower Youths And Adolescents To Make Informed Decisions Regarding Their Sexuality And Promote Good Menstrual Hygiene And Sanitation Among Adolescent Girls.
  5. To Promote A Sustainable Environment And Ecosystem

Vision: A healthy, inclusive and sustainable society with enhanced livelihoods.
Mission: To promote socio-economic transformation of communities through sensitization, advocacy, mobilization and taking active action on key pertinent issues regarding health and development of communities.


  1.  Excellence: High quality standards in the work and to ensure that our work demonstrates creativity and innovation.
  2.  Integrity: Transparency and honesty will always be key factors in our work environment.
  3. Communication: We seek to understand young people’s challenges and commit to the development of sustainable solutions to ensure that they enjoy the fullness of life. We also want to make sure that some vices in community are kept to the minimum.
  4. Team work: We seek to broaden our collaborations across sectors as a means of increasing the effectiveness of our work and services.
    We shall work with all individuals and organizations with and or support our objectives.


Mr. Bonny Onyango Founder/Chairperson


Mr. Yusufu Kalema Hon. Secretary


Mrs. Cissy Kuteesa Treasurer/co-founder


Mr. Jolam Kabutseme Vice chairperson


For further information, for partnership and support, please CONTACT US:
PHONE: +256 742 791978
In case of monetary donations to support the activities of the organization, feel free to use the account number below and we would like to assure you that your funds will be put in proper use for the benefit of the vulnerable ones:
Our Account number is: